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Your brand new global wellness community platform. With 100’s videos, live sessions and a growing community of like-minded people, this platform will give you tools, techniques and a transformational learning experience like no other. OneLifeAtHome will provide you with a nurturing space for you to prioritise healing, growth, and inner transformation. You will learn how to calm your mind, balance your emotions, love your body, and soothe your soul.

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A comprehensive twelve-month programme that provides an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the key elements of the coaching profession. ACTP – ICF Accredited Programme.

Professional Coaching first gained prominence around the 18th century. The role of the professional coach has, however, changed dramatically over the years and has been hidden in many different forms such as spiritual guru, natural healer, counselor, mentor and manager.

Professional coaching has been predominantly recognised within the sporting world, in athletics, swimming, and tennis and team sports, commonly known as the Sports Coach.

In the last 10 years there has been an increasingly significant interest in other forms of coaching. The three main areas are within Personal Life Coaching, Business and Workplace Coaching.

Those who embark on a personal coaching journey experience a range of emotional leanings and insights which will allow them to realise and even reach their true potential; improving their self-esteem and confidence. They can continue to move forward and succeed in all areas of their life.

The course provides a comprehensive professional development experience that teaches participants a practical set of tools, techniques and models, and includes supervised coaching from experienced credentialed coaches.

About the Webinar

Join the OneLife At Home community today for only £7 per month ​or £60 per year and get access to 100’s of on-demand Transformational Development Programmes, Webinars, Masterclass’s, Guided Meditations, Breathwork, Yoga and Ayurvedic Philosophy.

This progressive global wellness platform will help you deeply connect with yourself and a growing community of like-minded souls, who want to live a vibrant, healthy and happy life.

You will explore the four cornerstones of your wellness and learn how to cultivate a manageable and relevant approach to living your life, in a way that honours your mind, body and soul.

Kick start your wellness by learning the tools and techniques to avoid burnout, stress and anxiety. Build your resilience, manage your energy and improve your health and wellbeing.

Each programme will offer you something different – you will learn to calm your mind, balance your emotions, love your body, and soothe your soul.

Embark on your journey of self-discovery, healing and perfect health today.

Are you ready to take the first step?

Thought Provoking

Creating a space for you to be curious, where you will explore, stimulate and challenge yourself so you can reach your greatest potential.


Taking you on a unique learning journey. You will learn a wide range of tools and techniques that you can embed into your everyday life.


Supporting you to create life-long sustained change, where you will deepen your awareness and manifest your goals.

How you will learn

Through meaningful, insightful and experiential on-demand and live lessons.


Our membership wellness platform will introduce you to a wide range of programmes, tools and techniques that will help you transform your life and your wellness You will cultivate routines and rituals for living a healthy and vibrant life.


Tap into the power of meditation practices and personalised mantras to cultivate inner peace, awareness and connection. Teaching you how to calm the mind, improve sleep and reduce the stress of a busy mind.


Experience mindful movement through a wide range of yoga classes suitable for all levels of practice. Blending traditional wisdom and modern wellness techniques to promote inner peace, improved flexibility, and increased strength.


Experience profound shifts as you connect with ancient eastern spiritual practices that will support you living vibrantly in the modern world.


You will embed and embody the principles of each programme you do. You will have access to workbooks, journals, toolkits and a wide range of resources to support and maintain your learning and growth.

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Setting your Intentions

Setting your Intentions

Routines & Rituals

Routines & Rituals


JT, London

I've had the privilege to experience the platform and the wide range of programmes OneLife At Home offers.  This is a one-stop shop for all things wellness.  It's cost effective, one of a kind and knowing Gillian, there will be so much more to come.  I can’t wait to experience more.

AS, Scotland

You have made it very special. I couldn't afford an in-person retreat but now I have my very own retreat at home with OneLifeAtHome and you as my guide - thank you

AI, Spain

I've already started to create my daily rituals and it's made a huge difference to my energy and overall health. I even have the confidence and belief to start looking for a new job!

TS, Germany

Thank you Gillian, for creating such a safe haven that not only provided me with trust but also the ability to tune in, be creative in my thinking and to apply simple concepts to my life.

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