Owning your power is essential to your wellbeing and personal growth. However, owning it can be difficult for many, yet when you step into your power, you cultivate self-esteem and personal worth. You empower yourself, to show up as yourself. When you start to build this muscle, a new sense of freedom emerges and your fears, doubts and judgements start to dissolve. This confidence allows you to let go of the need to be liked, accepted or to be perfect. You drop the need to compare yourself to others. You stop judging and criticising yourself and others as you have raised your bar. When you claim your power, you also connect deeply with your higher self, and your true expression of self.

To embrace your power, follow these five important practices to become who you were born to be.

1. Define Who You Are

When you know who you are, you lay a foundation on which to build. Like building a house you need solid foundations to build upwards and it is the same for you. As you define your abilities and qualities, you connect the dots and the picture of who you truly are emerges. Once this image develops, you become genuine, authentic, and comfortable in your own skin. There is nothing more wonderful than feeling comfortable in your own skin, you start to own who you are and what you stand for.

Knowing who you are helps you connect with your true self and your essential authentic nature. You will feel more grounded, stable and secure in yourself and you will find the balance you need to be you. You will let go of pleasing others, and start to be more assertive in your nature, you resilience will build and you will celebrate your uniqueness.

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2. Embrace Your Gifts

Show up and Shine – allow your light to be bright in the world. You have distinctive talents, skills, and interests that mark your uniqueness and set you apart from others – we all have. Ask yourself, Do your gifts allow you to shine and be yourself?
I have heard many clients say they were told to dim their light, not get too big for their boots, don’t be a tall poppy, don’t get above your station, to act and behave in a particular way to not upset or ‘outshine’ others
Have you ever downplayed your skills so that you didn’t stand out or threaten others? Have you turned down the brightness on your talent in favour of fitting in? If your light is barely shining, give yourself permission to shine—you will inspire, not intimidate. Be bold and share your brightness, there is always room from more stars lighting up our planet and you are worthy of shining bright.

3. Love Yourself

Love is the best way to get to know yourself and to step into your personal power. By learning to love yourself, show yourself compassion and kindness you can start to cultivate a better relationship with yourself, and the benefits are huge. When you invite love to be your companion rather than your critical voice, your world opens up to new possibilities. You are warm, loving, generous and thoughtful. You become more aligned and in flow, you wash away doubt and insecurity and you become calm and confident. The combination of self-love and being your true self allows you connect to accept your wholeness and that you are perfection – just as you are.

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4. Walk with a Higher Presence

Own your spirituality! You are a spiritual being, regardless of how much you hide it or push it away. Allow yourself to lean into the wisdom you have deep inside you and be guided though mindful and meditation practices to open yourself up more to the well of wisdom that resides deep in your core. Allow yourself to connect with source, that wisdom and express it in everything you do. Connection to yourself and to something bigger than you, will allow you to feel deeply, belong in a way you have never known before. This will give you joy, bliss and equanimity. As you get to know this part of your being, you will be able to anchor yourself in this higher presence and power. Abundance will surround you and life will be light, energetic and you will flourish.

5. Engage, Expand, and Express

Personal power and self-esteem are the foundation for creating joy and wellness. It motivates you to be more. It gives you resiliency in the face of adversity. It’s the root of mental and physical health and opens you to positive interaction with the world and a higher power.

Every step you take to embracing your personal power will lead you to further growth and expansion. The more you engage and express yourself in a way that honours the whole of you, the universe will support you even more to show up in this space. It will reinforce and provide you with opportunities to further you expression of self. You will have vitality, you will feel liberated and you will see things for what they truly are not the perception that you think they are.
Be bold, be brave and be you. Tap into your personal power and let yourself shine.