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The Four Soul Questions

The four soul questions

Jan 17, 2024

Let me introduce you to the concept of the four soul questions these questions are life affirming, thought provoking and they will take you out of your comfort zone but it’s important that you reflect upon the questions and answer the questions honestly and openly.

When you embark on a journey of self-discovery it’s important you ask yourself these questions because these questions are critical to the success of that journey.

The first soul question is who am I?

When we lead a busy life we can be time poor meaning that we stop focusing on our own needs our desires and we become distracted caught up in others’ lives rushing around not not paying attention to what we need. We can spend our time playing catchup losing ourselves in the void of doing and this can leave us feeling stuck. When we lose ourselves, we don’t just de-prioritise ourselves, we forget who we really are so let’s answer that question who am I who am ?

The second soul question what do I want what do I want?

We don’t often think about what we want in our lives because again we put ourselves second, sometimes last. When we ask ourselves what we want, we need to go beyond the mind, the heart and listen to your gut.   Listen at that deeper level, what are you longing for? what are your desires? what do you truly want in your life?  I the Tao it teaches the wisdom of infinite possibilities, appreciating that everything we have is already there within us.  It’s the same with meditation practise and verdic belief system of India. If we take some of those eastern approaches and bring them into our western world, then we can start applying the concepts positively and passionately into our lives. So it’s important you ask this question what do I want?

The third soul question is what is my purpose?

Some of us may spend our whole lifetime searching for purpose and others may know if from an early age,  such as being a doctor, firefighter, a lawyer, a teacher, scientist but if like me you spent a lot of your years asking yourself why am I here what is my purpose and you can’t find the answer don’t stress about it , don’t beat yourself up as this is normal.  The answer will come if you keep asking yourself the question.

 What you have to remember is that you don’t have to make radical life choices to live your purpose?  Living your purpose is about living a purposeful life. That may mean that you’re a mother to your children who are going to lead the next generation, it could mean that you are the musician that want to heal his family through his music.  However, it could also mean that you change your career to do something you believe in and are passionate about. Go beyond the constraints of your mind, and the protective heart and ask the question again, listening to what your gut is telling you – your place of knowing – what is my purpose?

4. The final soul question is what am I grateful for?

 Again when we’re busy doing we don’t often take stock of what we’re thankful for, what we truly are grateful for so this practise of asking yourself everyday what am I grateful for can bring a huge amount of joy into your life. It will help you focus on the positive experiences rather than the negative experiences you have,  it will allow you to build your resilience and confidence and more than anything – believe in yourself.  It’s important in life to find a healthy balance of giving and receiving,  to show the universe that you are thankful for the things you have, for the experiences you have and the things you achieve. So when you ask yourself what am I grateful for hopefully it won’t be a difficult answer to find

Use these four cornerstones daily. You can bring them into your meditation practise you can start your day or finish your day with these four soul questions and incorporate them into your daily lifestyle routine. Don’t be surprised when you start to get what you ask for, but remember to always be thankful and show gratitude when those things arise.